What You'll Find Here

Snippets are brief samples of text that might tell a small part of a story or lead into places unknown to be told further on down the road. If so labelled, they may be strung together into an entire narrative, but don’t expect them to all fall in order. Snippets help flesh out this grand universe of ours and define or complete threads that other stories have left hanging. While the Fénix and her crew are at the center of this narrative, we do not expect the people they meet along the way to be dead ends in and of themselves. They each have a history and a future and events within each that define or fundamentally alter who they are. What happens to Tim Gallagher as he takes on his new responsibilities after the Fénix departs Enceladus Station? Does the “Wrecking Crew” find themselves on an unexpected adventure when they break into the apartment of an interplanetary assassin?

Strange settings can even inspire new heroes to rise up from mundane roles. What strange mysteries does the cleaning crew assigned to the abandoned docking bay on the Enceladus Station Storage Ring uncover, and how does it balance their sense of right and wrong against their obligations to the organization writing their paychecks? Who takes on the cause? Who betrays their friends out of misplaced loyalty? Why is the damned thing glowing like that?

And these are just a few angles from the perspective of an array of metal donuts orbiting a tiny moon. Where else in the expanded human universe are there stories to be told?

These snippets are written to be taken off this website and expanded into full-blown short stories or novels of their own. To be sure, they will always leave you hanging, but then, that’s where the fun begins.

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