The Girl with the Cybernetic Eye

Simonee Saran narrowly escaped destruction at the hands of her creators, but now she’s alone in a great big universe where the only monsters are the humans she was created to serve. Along the way she acquired a cybernetic eye that allows her to see things that others can’t, and soon she’ll find something that she never expected to have — a family. This is the story of how Simonee Saran joined the crew of the merchant transport Fénix and the first chapter in her own story that will explore her origins and what it means to be human. You hold in your hands book one of The Girl With The Cybernetic Eye, a prequel to the Fénix Saga and a series set within the StarScribes Collaboration Universe.

The Cannibal of Cloud Ball 9

Months after Simonee Saran was cast out of Enceladus Station, the Fénix makes port among the Cloud Balls — a municipality of floating spheres above the clouds of Venus. This isn’t a casual embarkment however. The Fénix is on a mission to collect a prisoner from the detention center on Cloud Ball 9, but not all is as it seems. Here Simonee will encounter more of her kind and discover even more about herself and her past. But she’ll also uncover a horrible secret and, for the first time in her life, find a sense of purpose.


The Prodigal Daughter of Mars

After the horror of Cloud Ball 9, Simonee discovers a horrible purpose for her life, and she’ll drag the growing crew of the Fénix all the way to Mars to fulfill it. Here Simonee will come to terms with her genesis, and the so-called goddess she once thought was only a myth. What she’ll never expect are the choices this will force her to make and the sacrifice that may change her life forever.

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