Justin Zimmer

  • It’s August and the best time of day is dawn. The shadow of night brings the temperatures down almost into the seventies in the desert, past the edge of the sprawl, past the abandoned spread of too many people and […]

  • Time was so hard to control without a reliable cycle of day and night. Sixteen hours had passed since Dalia’s breakfast and no other meal had followed. Time had once crawled for her, unwilling to skip a beat on […]

  • Gallagher stood at parade rest while the governor brooded into her display screen. The harsh blue light turned her face into a nearly transparent eggshell and washed her hair into strands of chalky straw. Her eyes […]

  • The lights were out in the hall of the Ice Princess and therein lurked a thief. Along the arched outer-wall she crept, passing a wide view of star-shine set in thick, fused-silica glass. These windows, three of […]

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